The net's dancing. To your music.

The concentration on the needs and inclinations of the customer - with these words a new era of brand advertising begins. The customer no longer orientates himself towards the brand (like it or not), which advertises linearly, integrated formally and in terms of content. From now on it will be the other way round, the customer determines what appeals to him. Attraction, emotion, interaction are the key words to the topic. It is therefore very smart to know the customer and his emotions as well as possible. To which music does he want to dance? That's the key.

Don't worry. There is brandtrax.

There is a platform called brandtrax, which reads out emotions and moods from music and musical preferences. And conversely defines emotions and moods in music. The basis for brandtrax is the technology of the Belgian AI developer Musimap. Musimap S. A. based in Brussels is a leader in the field of Emotional AI. brandtrax is a business idea of the Berlin agency Transform and the first joint project of the two companies.

Together we prove that Big Data can also be Smart Data.

Making the briefing audible. The song Finder.

In an ideal world, marketing is data-based. "The investment in marketing must be increased in its efficiency." We don't remember who said that at which marketing forum. Nevertheless, it's true. And so our Song Finder will find exactly the right music for the target group based on the definition of the target group. Belly to brain: please take over. So that there are no dissonances on the customer journey.

The counter test. The Song Profiler.

What exists, of course, can also be analyzed. We play your music to our supercomputer and let it create an exact, emotional profile. This allows you to determine whether your dance floor is full with the right people or whether your music needs to be changed a bit. And in addition you also get ten databased soundalikes.

A group trip. The Audience Definer.

We would like a detailed briefing or an anonymous data record. We use this to calculate a mapping with keywords and fan groups. These precisely defined target group clusters are ideally suited for social media campaigns that are in place where the king is customer. Or customer is king.

Quantity becomes quality. The data enricher.

Many companies sit on huge quantities of data. Mountains of data. The individual data is not much value. Names, addresses, postal codes. If you could only enrich them... You can. Better: we can. For example with the simple question to the customers: What is your all-time music top ten? From this information we derive highly qualified, individual, emotional profiles. For real customer care.

And now you can try brandtrax for free.

The first two brandtrax products - Song Finder and Song Profiler - convey a pretty good idea of the amazing possibilities that brandtrax offers. If you want to find out for yourself, click here.

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