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Audience Definer

find your target audience and their favourite music using advanced AI data analysis

state-of-the-art tools for finding your perfect sound

Audience Definer

Pick from a vast number of our predefined target groups or create your own custom persona and find the perfect tracks and sounds to engage with your audience.

Song Finder

Have a mood, situation or feeling in mind but can't find the right song to match it? Use our Song Finder to uncover just what you're looking for from a database of over 40 million tracks.

Song Profiler

If you already have a track in mind but you need some concrete data to back up your choice use our Song Profiler to get core information on your chosen track's feeling and disposition.

once you've found your track we'll do the rest

_music strategy

We believe in the power of music. Brand activation and target group profiling, artist partnerships and live events, we are engaged in all fields.

_clearing + licensing

We are experts at clearing of music rights: We have access to a huge music catalogue and conclude worldwide license agreements for brands and media.

_sound identity

Gain control over any audible content in your communications and increase the value of your overall corporate identity.

_sound ux

We're working on identity-building sounds that trigger anticipation right from the start, make navigation easier or basically add character to the user experience.

_audible content

Whether clear, precise dramaturgy and identity, just a quick sound or the musical illustration of a podcast or service phone, we can provide a perfectly fitting audible conception.

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